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Why Clients Choose The INFINITY Cos., Inc.

Over the years The INFINITY Cos., Inc. has "morphed" into a boutique small business development firm that provides "cradle to crypt" services that breathe life into many start-up businesses, emerging brands and expanding companies.  Much of what INFINITY has been able to accomplish has been through its ability to accurately diagnose its clients main goals by practicing active listening and visioneering.  Let INFINITY's founder and managing member explain how INFINITY brings a myriad of services and years of industry talent to every project through the powers of its consulting consortium. 

Turning a client's "thoughts" and "dreams" into tangible ideas and eventually brick and mortar is what separate INFINITY from any other small business development firm.  Always practicing the strong belief that Vision + Engineering = VISIONEERING The INFINITY Cos., Inc. wants to "transform your possibilities into unlimited opportunities".